Frequently asked questions

1. Create an office on our platform
2. We activate your store within 12 hours (usually within an hour).
3. Get API keys for automatic work with your site, in your personal account.

Connect our API to your store, and that’s all, you can work by accepting payments from your customers through us.

Our form of payment acceptance looks like this:

The form on which payment by Yandex Money is accepted, it remains to enter the username and password from Yandex Wallet

Card payment acceptance will look different, depending on what gateway you will have:

Here you will see your current balance and all transactions with their respective status

The main most popular withdrawal is to bank cards. Withdrawal of funds is requested in the personal profile of the user in this way:

When exchanging your funds for bitcoin or bank cards, from 8.5% to 15% for input and output in total. Everything is very individual and is discussed in each case separately.

Note! Many of our competitors call% only for incoming transactions. We give you the percentage for the full cycle of merchant services.

We have no holds. And you can do the withdrawal of funds at least several times a day.